Friday, October 21, 2011

A fellow Traffic Exchange owner Joseph Riley has passed away and his

wife needs our help to get him home to Austraila.

Please go to to find out how to participate in
this cause

and then go to to find out about Joseph
Riley and his lovely wife Abra.

There is a Globe Tracking our website visits and a Donation meter

will our Donation Total updating every hour.

That Globe turning reminds us all this is a Small world and we can
stand together in this and succeed.

Let's Bring the Riley's Home

Please like and Tweet this cause. Please visit the website to read
about this wonderful man a TE owner , a marketer and loving husband.

visit the SWAT Traffic Conference Room to

join in the Webathon with Krazy Kaye Towne and all of us

help us brainstorm and make some new friends.